School Pools For Group Health Cooperative Insurance

grouphealthMikesell & Associates offers Group Health plans to school employees that are competitively priced quality health plans. We offer the plans that employees may choose when selecting health care for themselves and family members. We are a leading school insurance professional in Eastern Washington writing GHC with an expansive client list of school districts. We are again unique by offering buying groups for small school districts not accustomed to accessing benefits traditionally offered and only available to large school districts.

healthinsuGroup Health Cooperative
Corporate Center
Spokane, Washington


HMO Plans

Groups Health Cooperatives school regional pool insures nearly 9,000 members in Eastern and Central Washington, representing nearly sixty (60) unique school districts. Schools are not rated on their own enrollee experience but join together for a very large credible base, offering predictable premium changes due to the size of the combined pool. The overall usage by type of services is predominately professional services. Each school district has a choice of four (4) HMO plans, however may offer only one (1) plan per identifiable bargaining unit to be a dual choice option that protects the WEA Premera Blue Cross plan rate incentives offered other employees selecting the WEA plans. School Districts who opt to offer more than one (1) Group Health plan may offer one copay plan and two deductible plan if they desire. The deductible plans offer premium reduction and maintain a high level of member coverage which is especially important to families.

PPO Plans

A new PPO school pool plan with nearly 4,000  members and ten (10) school districts is available that offers a comprehensive provider and facility network. The doctors and other providers networks include national networks supplementing Group Health Medical Centers.  The PPO offers an expansive network of pharmacies, national hospital, urgent care, eye care, urgent care, many other health care facilities. The popular First Choice Health Network, First Health Network, Medipact Pharmacies are a part of the PPO plan offering.