Non Profits

Property Casualty Insuring Pools Governed By Members and Administered By Third Party Professionals


Property Casualty Insurance for Non-Profits

  • Property
  • Earthquake
  • Liability
  • Auto Liability
  • Auto Physical
  • Wrongful Acts
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Crime
  • Data Breach

These pooling programs include comprehensive program features that make their choice for your insurance needs a wise decision for your non profit organization.

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Clear Risk Solutions
Program Administration

The enabling legislation to form Non Profit Insurance Programs was passed in Washington in 2004 in SB6859. This legislation was proposed and worked through the halls of the legislature by Canfield & Associates and a small group of non profit entities throughout the state. Today the NPIP has several hundred members and is expanding to many other states.The key features center around, excess insurance coverage, aggregate stop loss coverage, risk management services to clients, claims and litigation management to clients, broad coverage at competitive costs available to all clients, and successful proven third party administration. Canfield & Associates recently changed their name to Clear Risk Solutions positioning themselves for the future with a name change that defines their mission. Please visit the web site at for more information.