S.I.A.W. U.S.I.P.
Property Casualty Insurance Pool

Mikesell & Associates offers a unique combination of school and insurance experience for you to consider when obtaining school property and casualty insurance.
The School Insurance Association of Washington (S.I.A.W.) was formed in 1995 with seven (7) founding member school districts. Mikesell & Associates clients, members of that formation team, have joined with other school districts in Washington since formation of the pool with growth now reaching fifty (50) members.

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Group Health
HMO / PPO Plans
K-12 School Pool

Mikesell & Associates offers Group Health plans to school employees that are competitively priced quality health plans. We offer the plans that employees may choose when selecting health care for themselves and family members. We are a leading school insurance professional in Eastern Washington writing GHC with an expansive client list of school districts.

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Asuris Northwest Health
Regence BlueShield
K-12 School Pool

Mikesell & Associates offers both Asuris Northwest Health and Regence BlueShield quality health care plans to school employees. Members of these school pools have many health plan choices and a full complement of other offerings to complete their family insurance program. Vision care, dental insurance, life and disability insurance and employee assistance plans are all available when joining the K-12 School Pool.

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Property Casualty Insurance Pool

Mikesell & Associates offers a nonprofit insurance program that offers coverage typically not available to nonprofit organizations. The program offers ease of administration to include one insurance contract inside one insurance pool with a single date of renewal. The pool members self-insure the first layer of coverage and purchase an insurance policy to cover losses exceeding the self-insured layer. The current partner providing this catastrophic insurance coverage in Munich Re, one of the largest reinsurance carriers in the international market.

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Property Casualty Program Services

The property and casualty insurance pools we offer to school districts include both our contracted insurance broker services and the Clear Risk Solutions third party administrator programs approved by the programs governing Board of Directors:

  • Risk Management Programs
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Account Education Programs
  • Client Reports
  • Professional Claims Handling
  • Annual Renewal Submissions
  • Pre Litigation Program
  • Statement of Values
  • Marketing Insurance Needs
  • Broker Advisory Group

HR 360 and Health Care Reform

HR 360 and Health Care Reform